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Welcome to my gallery!



Please check price/info journal linked below.

prices and info | my current work list

OCs -- Ceros unicorn sprite by onisuuOCs -- Seine Unicorn sprite by onisuuOCs -- Aida unicorn sprite by onisuu
| Commissions |
check out pricing + info here
May reopen in mid-September
Stay tuned for journal update

| Art trades |
Closed - if I watch your gallery, then I may consider ^u^
I like fully coloured art, sketch trades, and bishie art!!

| Requests |
CLOSED - do not ask me for free art via comments/Notes.
If I want to take requests, I will post a journal about it.

kiriban at 600,000 pageviews
If you are the first person to send me
a screenshot when my pageviews reach EXACTLY
600,000, then I will do one art request for you
I will choose the style/extent to follow the subject you pick out ^^

OCs -- Night Mare sprite by onisuuOCs -- Jadine Unicorn Sprite by onisuuOCs -- Orhi Unicorn Pixel by onisuu

FAQ and SAI brush settings

(Subscribe to my journals to be notified when slots are open!)
I will not send out individual notifications, sorry.


Icon + Pixel Collection

These icons were made for me through commissions, art trades, and gifts. Some were made by myself.
They are not free for use, so please, don't use them.
OCs  Seine pixel icon by onisuuOCs -- Ente icon *new video by onisuuicon -- ceros by onisuu pixel icon yay! by onisuu animal crossing -- mayor onisuu (+video) by onisuuanimal crossing -- Julian by onisuuSeine icon by Arcana-break GIFT: ONISUU by LeLittleLuna Link icon by onisuu ONI I LOVE YOUU by fattycats Aida Icon by koutama -:Gift:- Seine by remsellec Fullpixel icon commission - ursala - onisuu by marmolotus-chz Poppie by Burgerlicious[G] Onisuu's OC feng by MiwaaPixel - Happy Birthday Oni by Sports3388Style 2 Icon: Onisuu Gift by Juicer-s::Gift:: Happy Birthday by Ms-Cake-Banditauction prize: Onisuu - Ceros icon by Iittle-sheep.:G:. Poppie by DreamsSparksHopeOnisuu by Geovanni-EklipzPix - Kestrel by SzweyGift for Onisuu by FrozenForestFoxcute little bunny by 11monsterscutie Kell by 11monstersSeine by Nefairegift-- onisuu by beararifficGift for Onisuu: Seine by Hantabegift-- onisuu by beararifficOnisuu Is Queen Of Chibis by Maemi-tan


I hope you enjoy your stay!


main gallery
zelda art | sketches
My Original Characters
My PLZ accounts

Please check out this Charity ArtBook!
I'm participating in it! <3

Please read:



DO NOT trace, copy, repost/reupload, use as a base,
nor edit any of my artworks

without asking and receiving my permission. (note on dA)

No permission for personal use is given to anyone other than the target recipient specified in the description of each Commission, Gift, Request. Do not use art of my original characters (OCs).
If you want to use a fanart piece, please ask me BEFORE you use it!
Contact me by noting me on dA

If you find a case of art reposting/tracing/editting, please Note me about it so I can message the person personally.

Please do not send abusive messages on my behalf -- that is not helpful to anyone and is a form of bullying.

Informing me of the case is enough. I will handle the rest on my own terms. Thank you.

Please don't intentionally make adoptables or OCs
that heavily reference my OCs in story or design/clothes.

And also, I like to give llamas to the last 5 visitors on my page. XD

my other web spaces

These are all my online handles: | onisuup on tumblr
Onisuu on YOUTUBE

My Weebly (unendingtales)
My art blog on wordpress
photobucket (nisuu)
onisuu on pixiv
onisuu @ facebook
onisuu @ gaiaonline
any other account that uploads my work -- IT'S NOT ME.
Contact me if you see someone else posting my work.

Hero from Another Land: Link by IchitokoHeroines from Another Land: Zelda and Sheik by Ichitoko
amazing pixel art by Ichitoko!! :love:

onibuns(onisuu ) and kawaiipotato (potatoe-sama ) know how to party!



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