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October 16, 2012
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OCs -- Cio by onisuu OCs -- Cio by onisuu
Hii~ I changed Cio's design for his story~ / w )) <3
----full bio---
age ⁞ 23
eyes ⁞ icy blue
hair ⁞ a really choppy hair cut; chunks of it are the same colour as his eyes and the other chunks are black
personality ⁞ Persistent and determined, loyal and righteous. He can be cocky and sarcastic as well. He is likely to put on a false smile in dire situations.
clothing ⁞ it can be changed! by all means! XD

` He has two toned hair: teal and black
` He wears 4 earrings on his right ear
` The scarf and bandana is orangey red with striped and diamond patterns (this can be changed: colour and pattern)
` Wears white, loose clothing. Good for travelling in hot weather.
` Ink dripped under his eyes and from his mouth (part of his story)
` Carries a dagger with an ebony handle and steel blade
The World
There is a place where written characters are abandoned. These are characters that have been scrapped by their authors/creators. They have no story in which they belong and hence have no purpose or value.
This place is located between Imagination and Inspiration. It is called The Block. The denizens, called Blots, slowly melt back into ink blots and their skin becomes parchment scraps. When they are all gone, they are considered to have returned to the Well (inkwell).

Appearance of the denizens
The characters are of all shapes and sizes, whatever comes out of the imagination of the author. The most evident superficial feature of these scrapped characters are the streaks of ink that trail from their sad eyes and trembling lips. They generally have sad, bitter, or angry personalities. They become hotly jealous of characters that have not been banished to the Block. Actually, make that deadly jealous.

Sometimes carriages carrying characters to Inspiration pass by the Block. Denizens have been known to shout angrily, spit out curses, and making malicious remarks at the passersbys. Although they cannot leave the boundaries of the Block, it would be ill-advised for any outside characters to approach the city. The denizens are unpredictable and prone to fits of rage.

The climate tends to be warm in the Block. There is a lot of energy being wasted here and most of it comes from the denizens' purposeless wandering. However, when denizens become enraged, the air around them chill quickly to -40*C. Cold enough to cause freeze burns to anything they touch.

About the deterioration..
When a character first gets sent to the Block, they have absolutely no memories about what their story/characteristics/abilities are. For example, a wizard character wouldn't know he's a wizard with the ability to summon fire from his fingertips at first.
But as time goes on, he becomes more aware of what he used to be. The most lucid moments, filled with emotion and clarity, is when the character is so far gone that their skin is flaking off as sheets of paper and ink is just spilling everywhere~~
Deterioration is faster the more active the denizen is. If they just sat and didn't move, then they could pretty much, never deteriorate.
Physical movement shifts the ink circulation in their bodies and wears away at the seals between the paper that makes up their body.

The character
Cio is a character whose destination was Inspiration. However, one of his companions in the carriage transporting them was suddenly whisked off and dragged to the Block.
Cio became curious about where his companion was being taken to so he left his carriage and trailed behind his friend and her escorts, who travelled by foot.
Somehow he lost track of them – perhaps it was fatigue from trekking the rough terrain, or maybe he was written to be of weak constitution.
Whatever reason it was, he passed out and woke up with no one in sight.
Eventually, he reached the Block. It’s not a hard place to find. You can feel the sadness in the air and the distant sounds of crying and despair.
As Cio entered the city, he was quickly spotted and identified as an outsider by one of the denizens. As the creature limped its way towards Cio, it became more and more angry, while also beginning to fall apart into ink and paper~
It managed to get a grip on Cio’s upraised, shielding arms and impart permanent scars to his wrists before it became no more.
Cio then realized he could only continue into the city if he became one of the Blots. This is why he puts ink under his eyes and lips. Conveniently, there was puddle of ink right in front of him on the ground.

Cio's companion
She was meant to be a side character in his story. His story involved an adventure as a thief in an old market town.
He swipes her bag of coins and then stuff happens and eventually he kidnaps her because she is from a rich family (and she was trying to run away from home).
She is stubborn but also naive because she hasn't really been in the outside world very much. I think she would have a big sense of curiosity. :3
I'm thinking everyone is Cio's story has animal ears...and I haven't quite figured out how his companion should look like! ^ 7 ^ ))
She has honey brown hair though! =D

more art by me of Cio

Cio's photobucket

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Thank you! ^^ I hope I can write more soon! /waiting for a flash of inspiration again haha
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