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June 20, 2013
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OCs -- Ente (added her story) by onisuu OCs -- Ente (added her story) by onisuu
This is Ente.
She has a reverse-theme~~
Her face is half covered by her fringe (she actually does have eyes, but they are unseeing -- she has no pupils, and her irises are milky white)
The back of her head is shaved short and a white mask is worn (see below for references)
Her heels have golden lion paws facing behind her.

On her dress are mirrors: they don't show reflections though -- instead, one shows either the viewer's hopes, fears, and future
and the other mirrors show unrelated images. (there are 6 mirrors around her dress, and one at her waist)
Hence, it is impossible to discern what the images mean for the viewer.
Some people who have looked into them for too long begin to lose their minds because they no longer know what to think and what is real or going to happen.
Ente is not human. But it's also hard to say what she is!
She bears no ill-will to anyone, simply drifting from place to place, quite aimlessly.
People usually don't see her unless they are alone, trapped with their thoughts.
She will approach them and offer to help ease their thoughts. (her voice is pretty melodic -- kind of like glockenspiels, with a faint humming tone underneath the syllables, gently enunciated by her light and gentle voice)
It's advisable to politely decline and walk in the opposite direction from her, as she will not pursue you.
However, if in a moment of weakness you happen to accept her offer, it will be very hard to tear your eyes from the mirrors that adorn her dress.
People who actually manage to get away have been plagued by visions in their dreams -- a continuation of the effects of the mirrors on their mind. Again, there is no way to decipher the meaning of the images since they could be either random or prophetic.

her eyes:

Ente's photobucket

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Love the design!
Must laugh by her name, cause "Ente" means "Duck" in my language :)
hahah thank you! ^Q^
It's so funny that it means that! ^__^
it makes her less scary ^__^
Ahh I just read the story and it's really amazing hnnnng ;UUU; :heart::heart:
Her character is really unique and inspiring~! :love:
Really love the creepiness in the story too *O* I'm always fascinated by stories like this hehe :iconashloveitplz: >7</
Awhhhh thank you, ano!! I really enjoyed writing about her story! :D
Wonderlandawaitsus Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
what happened that she is unable to see? that just seems kind of sad like she has a tragic past...
Ah she is just like that~ she isn't a living being~ ^^
Wonderlandawaitsus Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh okay, haha; so she's sort of like a wandering spirit then?
mmhm! Exactly so! 8D <33
*o* I just read her story~
I love her power and how it affect people~ It's really imaginative and unique ^^ I like this!
It's AWESOME onisuu *w*
Thank you sooo much!♥♥
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