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September 19, 2012
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OCs -- crow and owl by onisuu OCs -- crow and owl by onisuu

they have arms! not real wings!
Those are feathered scarf and sleeves~ ^^

tumblr: [link]
All the clothing references

Crow (male)
age ⁞ 25
eyes ⁞ black/gray
hair ⁞ black, tied as a ponytail
clothes ⁞ everything is black or dark shaded except for
the white over-shirt-thingy

more art by me of Crow

crow's photobucket

Owl (female)
age ⁞ 24
eyes ⁞ green
hair ⁞ tan, light brown, or white
clothes ⁞ light colours~ artists can choose <333 ^ ^
you can also add patterns on the clothes or change
the clothes completely~ ^ U ^
Another outfit:

more art by me of Owl

owl's photobucket

Owl and Crow are messengers from rival ruling families.
They act as messengers but are actually adept spies -- able to infiltrate the most guarded
quarters to get info thanks to their charm and physical prowess at climbing any thing, even a flat wall! XD

Their relationship with each other are rivals that keep on trying to show-off to the other.
They also like each other but try it keep it hidden from each other -- so they both think it's unrequited love. XD

If they were in a show, the genre would be comedy and romance! :3

more about their personality

Crow's personality:
He is cocky and proud, thinking he's unmatched in whatever he does.
But his pride is easily broken, and Owl's sarcastic remarks can really take a blow on him. XD
Nevertheless, he soon builds up his confident nature again~
He feels conflicted between trying to impress Owl by winning whatever and losing so he can see her smile and be an all-round sore-winner. > u <a

Owl's personality:
She's always skeptical of Crow's claims of awesomeness, and really likes to point out his blunders.
She likes to challenge him to contests with her -- races, eating contests, going the longest without being seen in the villages and palaces they visit...
even if she loses, she's happy because she got to be with Crow~ Q 7 Q <33
But outwardly, she acts really miffed, haha~

The world they live in:
I imagine it's some old era in china~
There's an old king and empress (and concubines) in the Royal City.
He has lots of sons (and their families) who rule the Provinces.
However, as the old king nears his death,
the sons have rivalry amongst each other and they try to convince their father to name them as the heir to the kingdom. (he doesn't follow the tradition of choosing the eldest son by default -- himself being a middle child)

Another thing to keep in mind is that the provinces are all competing with each other, so outsiders of any village are treated with some suspicion. Within the towns, people are generally warm and friendly. There might be more rough neighbourhoods along the edge of a town. :3

Crow and Owl work for two of these rival families. They are both from separate villages.
They both have parents who are alive and well.
Crow has two younger brothers (Wren and Kite) and a little sister (Cana).
Owl has one younger sister, Mina.
Here are the siblings! ^^

These two are part of the same story~
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