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September 7, 2013
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pixel -- Ormille and Tsurechii by onisuu pixel -- Ormille and Tsurechii by onisuu
couple icons for ~Ormille and ~Tsurechii
These icons are only for their use. :rose:
Aww I hope you guys like it! It was very fun to pixel you two! ^7^)) <33
Please do not trace or make a base from my arts. Thank you! C:

~ process ~
Done in SAI
I start with a sketch at a large scale that's easy to draw: (1000*500 pixels large)
And then I shrink the sketch to the final pixel size. (100*50)
Making a new layer above the shrunken sketch, I draw the lineart with a pencil/binary brush.
When I go to make the final pixel, I make a new layer above and draw over the lineart of the base and add the hair + clothes. (hide the base's lineart after making the final detailed lineart)

Animation done in GIMP! ^__^
I had two frames with the hearts shifted up and down, alternatively~
The trick to animating gifs where pixels are moving around is to click on the layer and add in "(replace)" in parentheses, so the pixels on that frame replace the pixels on the other frames.
To make the frames have different durations, click on the layer you want and add the individual frame's time in milliseconds like this: "(100ms)" in parentheses

:star:Important shortcut!:star:
To make it so all frames have the (replace property) and all unspecified layers to have the same duration, you can do it in ONE step when you Export as a .gif! 
As commented by =RideAlongWithMe:" the options one frame per layer (replace) and (for example) 100ms as speed and then check the boxes "use delay entered above for all frames" and "use disposal entered above for all frames" and any frame that doesn't have the (100 ms) and (replace) already written in it, will have those settings~"

Another thing that you may need to do is make sure the image and layer size correspond with each other. Sometimes the image size is smaller than the canvas size and that leads to the .gif being cropped to the image's size.
To fix this, and make the final gif the same size as the canvas size, go to Layer > Layer to image size.
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TakkuNoTori Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
really cute <3
ahahahahha ahhhhnn <33 It's so pretty :iconsomoeplz: 

Thank you so much for doing this even though I had no idea ahahahh :iconplak5plz: 

heheheh yayyyy then it was a good surprise! <333
it was fun to make the icons! <3 I'm happy you like it! <3
it was an awesome surprise :iconhoneyflowersplz:
Thank you sooo much <333 :iconsupertighthugplz:
Ormille Sep 8, 2013   Artist
ahgggg wow, how did this not get to my devwatch? DX
but yes it's so gorgeous!! And she loved it, thanks so much
for putting up with me! I really really appreciate it!

and keep it up! <333
aww you're welcome! I'm happy you guys love it!
Ormille Sep 10, 2013   Artist
we sure did! :iconmingflailplz:
xiumai Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaa omg these are so cuute! >7< <33333
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