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October 29, 2012


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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 10:50 AM

How long have you been drawing (digitally)?
Since 2006!

How old are you?
I'm 24

What program do you use?
SAI, opencanvas 4, and photoshop elements 6

What do you use to draw?
Wacom Bamboo Tablet (model MTE-450) for drawing and an optic mouse for pixel art.
I use 0.5 B lead for pencil drawings. It's so soft and feels GOOD on the paper *___*

How did you find your style?
tips by onisuu
I found my 'style' by drawing often and making changes gradually to reflect my preferences (cutesy, big eyes, shortish torsos, bigger hands/feet) and practicing on increasing the range of things I enjoy drawing.

I think you have found your 'style' when you are happy with your art and can keep it fairly consistent. I love to juggle multiple 'styles' at once to keep myself interested in drawing. :3
Here's a bit of a timeline map for my chibies and regular art:

Chibi Style Change 2010-2013 by onisuu Art Changes 2004-2013 by onisuu

Do you have any tutorials or tips?

What are your Brush Settings?
my brush settings are here!

My SAI Brushes by onisuu

Why are your brush names named like that? (often asked in stream XD)
Because I like making it a bit more fun to look at. XD

How do you open a second window in SAI?
Go to the menu and click View > New

Can you tell me when commissions/trades/requests are open?
No, I can't because it's not predetermined. 
Please subscribe to my journals to get the status updates in your feedback messages.

What stabilizer do you use?
I use it at setting level 3, in SAI

Where else can I find you online?
These are all my online handles:

onisuup on tumblr
Onisuu on YOUTUBE

My Weebly (unendingtales)
My art blog on wordpress
photobucket (nisuu)
onisuu on pixiv
onisuu @ facebook
any other account that uploads my work -- it's not me

How do you get inspired to draw?
I just draw what I want, when I want. XD
This way, I'm always enjoying the drawing process. I like to draw challenging things, with many details. Sometimes I am only feeling up to drawing something simple.
I get inspired to make my OCs from thinking of random themes or sets of objects to base them on. I also like to conjure up snippets of stories (that I never quite flesh out, but it's enough to get my drawings going) ^ w ^

Are you open for commissions?
Please check my front page for the current art status. Keep an eye open for journals that announce opening slots. ^^b
Prices are here:

Thoughts on styles?
There's the prevalent statement that nobody owns a style, especially since they don't have a copyright over it. Granted that is true, I do think people can develop a signature look for their art, such that it becomes recognizable to other people and distinguishable from fellow artists' work. It reflects their personal preferences and sense of aesthetics.

I am proud of how my art changes over time. Once my art changes I don't have the desire to change it back to how it was in the past, because I would feel a burden of trying to draw in a certain way that I don't enjoy any longer.

As for people emulating the styles of other artists...I think it's totally fine and a good part of learning and exploring techniques in drawing and colouring.
But, I personally feel cheated if someone copies exactly how I draw and sells that for commissions. C'mon, try a little harder, and develop something that you are proud to offer to others! :') You can attract more people if you offer something that is special. <3

Being able to just copy others does not lead to growth as an individual artist. You have to take bits and pieces from your inspirations and then mix these with your personal tastes and experiments. It's really a great feeling when you can produce a drawing and be able to say -- hey, this shows what I like to draw and paint. And wow, with the help of the visual inspirations around me, I can make something that still feels individualized and has a spark of uniqueness that I bring into it.

I just feel that artists are meant to be producers of creativity and novelty, not just mirrors of things that already exist. ^ u ^

however, I have ZERO tolerance for tracers and people who use my art as a base. There is no reason for anyone to take another person's work as a shortcut.

If you are caught red-handed, don't insult the original artist and say it wasn't traced when you know in your heart what was done. Own up to your action and strive to work harder next time! 

Below are two examples of traces. In both cases when I talked to the people, they denied that they traced, but the evidence is clear! It bothers me greatly when they do not admit what they have done when it's so obvious. OTL
Don't be that person -- it insults your own intelligence as well as the artist whose work was traced 

Don't trace my art by onisuu

Can I request something?
Maybe! I may take requests at the end of a stream if I have time.
However, please do not note me about requests, or ask in the stream for free art unless I initiate the offer. : )
Also, birthdays don't mean too much to me (I don't celebrate mine). Please don't ask me to draw a gift for you. I will do it of my own volition if I feel like it and have time.

What are your prices for commissions?  
See this for the styles I offer and their prices.

Can I art trade with you? (art trades are closed atm!)
Please wait until I post a journal about my interest in looking for art trade partners!
I am picky about character designs -- details, unique traits, colour schemes and distinction from other people's OCs are the factors that I consider. I also consider if I like your art style and whether there is something magnetizing/novel/unique about it!~ <3
Also, I consider art trades to be like commissions. If someone has finished their part, I consider that to be payment made. I will finish trades as soon as I can -- never prioritizing later commissions over the trade.

:star: If you want to trade art with someone, a REALLY bad way of asking is to start off with: "I don't really like my art, but would you..."
This shows lack of confidence and will make the other person automatically doubt your abilities. If it's the case, go practice more until you can be proud of your arts! Then, you are more ready to trade with others.


Can I draw you something?
Sure! I love getting art as much as the next person, haha!
Here are my Original Characters

Do you have favourite artists on dA?
Sure I do! Here are some of them! ^ w ^

WhiteFoxCub Split-Heart Rin54321 ichigo-tan okyi Sui-yumeshima plantisoy Xamag SavvySleeves gawki xephia 253421 erebun Mujinai megatruh yocco ani-r Phobs GotNoJobPascalCampion Kutty-Sark mintchoco Lingrimm 
Bisparulz Chaotic-Muffin ELK64 nekozneko Jumpix MBLOCK Wavesheep naseu  
I always love to see their uploads! They have beautiful ideas and execution ~ ^u^

What textures do you use?
These are my favourite ones to use:
Paper Texture 2 by Insan-StockWatercolor Painting Texture by Enchantedgal-Stock


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LuitenantYunaTeMe Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o3o do you have a link to you customized ver of sai? where i can download
twist-to-unlock Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, onisuu! I'm in love with one of your works, (the set of pokewitches) and I was wondering if you were doing prints or something of it. I'd love to buy one, but I totally get if you don't want to. Thanks!! 
onisuu Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
aw thank you! ^__^ 
I'm thinking of selling stickers of them once I draw more pokemon! 8D 
hehe I hope that'll be something you'll be interested in ^__^
I could probably sell postcard sized prints of them, since the resolution is probably not big enough for something bigger XD 
twist-to-unlock Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
any print of them i would buy!! I would love to support you anyway I can!! Thank you for replying!! :)
ngakakpau Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hi, onisuu! Some people says that to draw digitally, you must have mastered traditional drawing.
In your opinion, do you agree with that statement?
Thanks before~ 
onisuu Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
I don't think it's necessary to master one before the other! with both mediums, you can learn drawing techniques and colour theory etc
i just draw for fun and whether it is on paper or on the computer, I have fun hahaha
that's all that matters to me :D

i definitely didn't master traditional drawing before going on to digital work hahaha
ngakakpau Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, I see...
Thanks for your reply :D
iKizuna Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
2007 and I am 22!
SkullVice Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I find it really cool that you started drawing digitally around the same time I have. I don't feel like such a late bloomer now. ;w; With technology always changing, it's good to have a solid foundation in that. I also dig the fact you love Legend of Zelda as much as I do. ;w; What was your first LoZ game you've ever played? O: Mine was Ocarina and it was my first game EVER.
onisuu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
*high five* AW YEAH DIGITAL ART! <33 I feel like we're classmates or something since we started at the same time period XD
i just loveeee how you can play around with colours digitally, and alter them even more after you're done colouring XD

and fellow LoZ fan! yus! O U O))) <3
every time a new game is coming out I get so hyped up about it (but no one i know in RL spazzes as much about it as me so..fanart is my outlet for that XD *grins* )

Ohh ocarina was so great!! (except the great fairy ...*shiver* . o . !! )
I remember it was so hard for me to beat it when I was young XD
My first LoZ game was A Link to the Past ^__^
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