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Submitted on
July 17, 2013


378 (who?)
 Raffle Prize -- Sketch by onisuuraffle prize -- Yuuka by onisuuraffle prize -- Ryuutaro by onisuu
The winners and their request posts are:
Congrats! :icondancinglaplz:
I will work on your sketches tonight/tmr! ^w^

Thank you everyone for participating! n O n <3333
I'll save this journal and its glorious comments for future ref... :iconheeplz:
Look forward to more raffles in the future!
Thank you for your support and I hope you are enjoying your summer! ^___^~
drink lots of water everyone, for beautiful skin :iconamgtouchplz:~!!

Please do both steps below (fave + comment your request)
I will be doing the draw in a few minutes! (4PM PST)
hey you!! 


sitting in that chair, I see you there 

Wanna win a free coloured sketch? ^0^
I will pick 3 numbers and then 3 of you will have your request drawn!
Majora and Skull Kid by onisuugift -- Qamar by onisuu

HOW TO ENTER (must do both steps!):
1. Fave this journal so you get a raffle number
2. Comment your request that you want me to draw, if you win! 8D
please choose 1-3 characters only -- post a direct link to a picture of them, or attach the file to your comment 

I will pick numbers in a day or two from when this journal is posted 83

**if your number is drawn but you did not post your request or posted too many, I will pick a new winner!!
Please, if you want to win, follow these rules ; a ; 
I shall be merciless :iconzoominplz: I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO LOOK FOR A CHARACTER FROM A PAGE :D
You can repost a valid comment and I will use that one instead if you win

2013 Summer contest! (ALL RESULTS OUT~)Writing Contest Results!
Ahh sorry for the delay for the writing contest results!
I got home later than expected last night and didn't have time to reread all the entries until this morning. :la:
There were 9 entries in the writing category and they were all really great and fun to read! <3
A great big thank you to everyone for spinning such creative stories for my OCs! ; 7 ; ))) <33
Since there were fewer than 10 entries, there will only be one prize. I made it a bit bigger hehe~
The winner is *KaraWingsxX with her story, All I Needed!
(click the title to read it! <3)
This story features Ceros, Seine and Orhi!
Kara's story really really did a great job of adding a new plot line into the Unicorn world. 
The introduction of a new kind of infected dream butterfly is so interesting to me. 
I would love to delve i

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I didn't win D:, but T'is no surprise, I never win anything.
TheLordandtheRing Jul 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
How'd you put someone's picks in your journal! XO X.X
You can use :thumb: codes 
as well as html

<img src="URL OF IMAGE">
TheLordandtheRing Jul 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ok thanks!
Princeessbloodrain Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice. ^^ May i ask if i can do a drawing for you~?
awh my gosh, thank you! ^__^
I'm always happy to see what others draw! :iconblushplz: <3
I am collecting art of my characters~ maybe one of them will interest ya! 8D <3
Princeessbloodrain Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 <3 You are very welcome , ohs i am doing with the designing of the eyes and the other stuff to go along with adia  the blood unicorn. If i am right about it. because i read everything. Sometimes i do forget on this. > ~ <""

Nyaa ^ w ^ 

Meow :3
 <3 Heart Huggle! :happybounce: 
oh my gosh, it sounds like you're really making it special!~ :iconotakuingplz:
I'm very excited about it! heheheh! ^__^
Princeessbloodrain Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^ Well i can show you want i have now, just the sketches of the things i am doing O-O  meep.CURSE YOU!  sometimes i put in too much detail and I work my butt off XD because i love drawing. But anyway o .o would you like to see what i have now if i may ask? ^^ 

Meow :3  = w =
ohh sure I'd love to see! ^^
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